Box Office Predictions: 'Dark Knight' Battles 'Bourne,' 'Campaign' Collapses

Box Office Predictions: 'Dark Knight' Battles 'Bourne,' 'Campaign' Collapses

Last weekend saw “The Dark Knight Rises” reign as predicted. Faced with new competition, will Batman hold the top spot?

This weekend’s predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. “The Bourne Legacy” ($32 million) –  Replacing Matt Damon was the right move here after what happened with “Green Zone” (“Zone” was marketed like a “Bourne”film, only to fail miserably at the box office). Major problems remainas critical reviews have been less than stellar for “Legacy.” Adding to this is theOlympics which will be drawing away audiences as they wrap up thisweekend. Expect a healthy opening, but nowhere near the James Bond orprevious “Bourne” film variety.

2. “The Campaign” ($23 million) The film’s design of comedy veiled as social commentary is very “old hat” at this point. Notsurprisingly, buzz is only marginal, and the pairing of Will Ferrelland Zach Galifianakis isn’t really that strong considering Ferrell’s declining career, and Galifianakis’s box officeresume outside the “Hangover” franchise is pretty weak. Expect a lot of hype here, but only an “American Reunion”-like opening.

3. “The Dark Knight Rises” ($20 million) – The run atthe top will end, but film will continue to hang around as it drawscloser to the $400 million domestic mark.

4. “Hope Springs” ($15 million) –  This film has verypositive buzz surrounding it and stands the best chance out of the newreleases to develop long box office legs.

5. “Total Recall” ($12 million) – Expect a big drop as audiences aren’t really warming to this sci-fi remake.

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