Jesse Eisenberg: Vote for Obama and His Heavily Stamped Passport

Jesse Eisenberg: Vote for Obama and His Heavily Stamped Passport

You just knew the moment “90 Days, 90 Reasons” launched it would deliver an endless supply of political howlers.

After all, the site allows cultural heavyweights to weigh in on why the unwashed masses should re-elect President “Worst Economic Recovery Since World War II” Obama.

We’re only on day 8 and the “jump the shark” moment has arrived.

Enter Jesse Eisenberg, the Oscar-nominated star of “The Social Network.” He must have spent all of 15 minutes on his essay. The actor says he’s currently traveling through Mongolia and having to endure accommodations that can’t compare to the five-star hotels he can sample back home. The President has also dealt with the hardships of international travel, and that’s why Eisenberg will pull the lever for Obama on Nov. 6.

We’re not kidding. 

I think traveling and seeing how other people live, even if I’m not totally immersing myself, assuages some of my unease because it re-sensitizes me to the difficulties and existential inconveniences that most other people face. In this way, I think Barack Obama is a good leader for our diverse country because he’s seen how the world lives. It doesn’t take a lot to realize that seeing the world forces you to interact with it in a different way and I know that I feel more comfortable being represented by someone who’s seen it.