Roastmaster Ross: Obama 'Almost Unroastable'

Roastmaster Ross: Obama 'Almost Unroastable'

Jeffrey Ross might be the meanest comedian in the country. And that’s exactly how audiences like it.

Ross forged his fame through celebrity roasts, events where the deeper the joke cuts, the better. And no one’s material cuts deeper than Ross’. He showed up to the latest celebrity roast dressed as disgraced coach Joe Paterno flanked by two shirtless young men. Comedy Central even gave him his own show to roast the latest headlines.

There’s one target, though, that he can’t find a way to crack – President Barack Obama.

“I’m not gonna lie. He seems almost unroastable. He’s skinny, has big ears and he’s going gray pretty fast,” Ross tells The Huffington Post in an interview to promote his new Comedy Central show.

How pathetic. Here is one of this generation’s most unexpurgated comics, and the only things he can find to critique the president are his weight and ears?


Late night comics have feasted on the obvious tics of politicians for years, from President George W. Bush’s mangled syntax to President Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades. Talk about low hanging fruit, but in their defense they need fresh stand-up material 4-5 times a week. We’ll cut them some slack.

Where’s Ross’ excuse?

Could it be that he’s so liberal he can’t be bothered researching ways to tweak Obama? Ross did come out in support of Occupy Wall Street, just like Obama did early in the violent movement’s beginnings.

A quick web surfing expedition reveals Obama to have a paper thin skin, delusions of grandeur, a massive ego, an inability to give a speech without mentioning himself ad nauseum and a propensity for breaking promises. Ross could always go for the obvious – Obama is in charge of the worst economic recovery since World War II.

If Ross is still stuck, he can always give fellow Democrat Jon Lovitz a call.

Ross isn’t against skewering politicians. In fact, he thinks it should be mandatory.

“Getting roasted is a way to show their constituents that they’re not above the common man, and they can take a joke. That should be an American tradition … let a couple of guys like me roast them before they run.”

Sounds like Ross isn’t up to the gig, frankly.

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