'Dark Knight's' Gordon-Levitt Slams U.S. Media

'Dark Knight's' Gordon-Levitt Slams U.S. Media

Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt of “The Dark Knight Rises” fame spent time four years ago promoting the political campaign of then-Sen. Barack Obama.

Now, he’s talking to Playboy magazine about the sorry state of the U.S. news media. Sure, he’s a Fox News hater, but he doesn’t have kind words for other media outlets.

PLAYBOY: Have you followed the political traditions of your grandfather Michael Gordon, a director who survived the 1950s blacklists; your father, who was news director of a politically progressive radio station; and your mother, who in 1970 ran for Congress on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket?

GORDON-LEVITT: My parents are political in that they’re well read and as up on the news as anybody I know. To me that is political activism, choosing to stay informed and not just watching CNN or some bullshit entertainment show. Every time I sit down and watch television news, I think, This is show business. That’s what I do. I say, go on the internet and find news from all over the world through the BBC, the Pacifica stations, newspapers, people’s blogs and tweets. It’s so funny when people say Fox is bad. Sure Fox is bad, but I don’t think CNN and MSNBC are really any better.