Trailer Talk: Cage is Down, but Not Out, in 'Stolen'

Trailer Talk: Cage is Down, but Not Out, in 'Stolen'

Nicolas Cage is back on the big screen pretending to be a horrible actor again in the Simon West directed thriller, “Stolen.”

Synopsis:  A former thief frantically searches for his missing daughter who has been kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a taxi.

Thoughts: Everything about this movie comes off as pretty embarrassing, from Josh Lucas’ hair to the outdated voice-over. The story looks bland, the actors appear bored and it’s difficult to know who Cage is making his movies for anymore. He used to portray challenging characters like the twins in “Adaptation” and the drunk screenwriter in “Leaving Las Vegas.” His action movies were even fun, including “Con Air” and “Face/ Off.” Now, he just looks tired as do his films (and whoever is coming up with these terrible one word titles needs a break).

The saddest part about “Stolen” is the director assigned to the project. West’s “The Expendables 2” gave that franchise focus while correcting the uneven tone from the first film. He even incorporated some of the world’s biggest action stars into the story, from Chuck Norris to Bruce Willis. Now, he’s back with his “Con Air” star, but “Stolen” looks like it was a quick paycheck for everybody.

However, if you’ve enjoyed Cage’s recent films – and haircuts – then this may be the film for you. Who knows, maybe West pulled off a cool B-movie and the trailer simply doesn’t do it justice.

A guy can hope, right?

“Stolen” hits theaters September 14.