Adam Levine Compares Paul Ryan To 'American Psycho'

Adam Levine Compares Paul Ryan To 'American Psycho'

Adam Levine, whose tattooed body, narcissism and propensity for posing naked make him one of the most stable characters in Hollywood, has decided to weigh in on the presidential race by ripping Paul Ryan for being … ripped.

Tweeting on Sunday, Levine started with a little game of his own:

Trivia: which Christian Bale character does Paul Ryan remind me of? Hint: it’s NOT Batman.

Enlighten us, O Learned One.

Ding ding ding! RT @TheHillaryBanks: @adamlevine patrick bateman

And why does Ryan remind Levine of the “American Psycho” serial murderer?

Anyone who talks about body fat maintenance that articulately has Patrick Bateman written all over him.

This from the weirdo who posed naked for Cosmopolitan and looks like he counts every calorie coming in himself. But then Levine realized that he might lose some fans who are lucid enough to realize he was a jerk.

Im an Independent all the way. I’ll vote for whomever I feel will do the job well.These days Republicans are just easier to tease.

Now here’s a game for the young punk. It’s called Telling the Truth. In this game, he gets to make a statement like “Im an Independent all the way” and we get to see if he’s lying.

Okay. Our turn.

He said he was an independent? What was it that Levine tweeted on April 26 of this year?

Dear America, if you don’t re-elect @BarackObama, I’m gonna lose my shit.

We hope you don’t lose it, either. America’s big, but it’s not that big.