'Hating Breitbart' Premieres Today At RNC

'Hating Breitbart' Premieres Today At RNC

Today at 2 p.m. EDT at the Republican National Convention, director Andrew Marcus will be holding the world premiere of his documentary, Hating Breitbart, an exclusive journey into the last year of Andrew Breitbart’s life – and into the leftist media and Occupy movement that despised him so. The story of Hating Breitbart isn’t just about those who hated Andrew, though; it’s the story of why they hated him, and why so many loved Andrew and were inspired by him.

“We’re thrilled about the film debuting at the RNC12 in Tampa,” Marcus told Breitbart News this morning. “Breitbart was and still is beloved by the people at this convention so being able to offer them the first look at this world premiere Is both an honor and a privilege. 

“Breitbart was known to have said, ‘The media class is the wall that we need to climb over. Once we do, then democracy will happen.’ That means the progressive media class, sometimes called the mainstream media, is full of crap. They hold themselves up as the gatekeepers of truth, justice and objectivity, when the real truth is they are the gatekeepers of double standards, cover ups and character assassination. 

“This film exposes the m.o. of the progressive media complex as they tried to destroy Breitbart,” Marcus explained.

As the film shows, Marcus said, Andrew Breitbart “was an artist at exposing media bias. This film goes behind the scenes of Breitbart’s artistry to give the audience a glimpse of the human being behind the vilified media caricature.”

The screening will take place today at 2 p.m. EDT at the Channelside Cinema. Details are available at hatingBreitbart.brownpapertickets.com. The screening is free and by invitation, but there are seats available. Filmgoers will be admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis.