Monkees Singer Split on 'Breaking Bad' Using Band's Song

Monkees Singer Split on 'Breaking Bad' Using Band's Song

Even non-Monkees fans know classic tracks like “I’m a Believer,” “Last Train to Clarksville” and “Pleasant Valley Sunday,” the latter a near-perfect slice of ’60s pop music.

Those who watch AMC’s “Breaking Bad” heard a lesser known Monkees song during a recent episode. Micky Dolenz, who sang lead on the bulk of the band’s numbers, is split on his reaction to the television shout out to the jazzy “Goin’ Down.”

“‘Goin’ Down’ has nothing to do with drugs, obviously,” he said, “and I certainly don’t condone meth – that is nasty stuff that kills a lot of people and ruins a lot of lives… On the other hand, I like the TV show; it’s very well-made.”

The song remains one of the band’s sturdier efforts, showcasing Dolenz’s vocal range as well as the band’s ability to stretch beyond its plastic roots. The “Breaking Bad” episode marked the second time in recent memory that Hollywood saw fit to highlight the tune.

Last year’s remake of “Straw Dogs” also featured the song during the film’s first few minutes.

Dolenz will be reuniting with fellow Monkees Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith in November for a short tour, the first group effort since fellow Monkee Davy Jones passed away earlier this year from a heart attack.