Box Office Predictions: '2016' Stands Tall, Others Fall Back

Box Office Predictions: '2016' Stands Tall, Others Fall Back

Last weekend saw Sensei do very well on the numbers. This week, the field is wide open for picking the top winner.

This weekend’s predictions and revenue results go as follows. All calls are four-day (Fri-Mon) given the Labor Day holiday.

1. “The Possession” ($13.4 million) – Film has justenough of a hungry target audience to win, plus horror fans disappointed with weak recent entries like “The Apparition” will help this entry steal aweekend win.

2. “Lawless” ($10.5 million) – Cast has notable names, but last Wednesday’s less than stellar opening shows only middlingresults. Don’t expect very high results here.

3. “2016: Obama’s America” ($9.3 million) – Again, the real star of theweekend. The film will command all attention and is already oneof the most successful documentaries ever created. Look for anotherimpressive weekend to add to last week’s strong showing.

4. “The Expendables 2” ($9 million) – The action sequelstill has plenty left in the tank. Look for the film to break the $65million domestic mark and remain very healthy.

5. “ParaNorman” ($8 million) – On such a lowbrowweekend for genre films, this will again grab family audiences and hasmuch more interest than weekend opener “Oogieloves.”

In other calls:

Look for “Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure” to pull in around $3 million.

That’s the word from Sensei. Have a great holiday weekend.