Lohan Allegedly Assaulted by GOP Aide, Charges Dropped

Lohan Allegedly Assaulted by GOP Aide, Charges Dropped

Troubled star Linsday Lohan is in the news … again. This time, there’s a political element to her woes.

The “Mean Girls” star accused Christian LaBella, a staffer to Republican Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois, of assaulting her in a posh New York City hotel. The dispute began, allegedly, over cell phone pictures taken of Lohan.

Less than 18 hours later the charges were dropped; but Lohan could be in new legal trouble herself.

According to the New York Daily News, Lohan and LaBella were partying together at hip Manhattan club 1Oak and then brought the party back to the actress’ room at the W Hotel.

Around 6 a.m. … Lohan apparently got hold of LaBella’s cell phone, which had over 50 photos and videos of the actress on it, according to TMZ. LaBella demanded that she give the phone back to him. Lohan told cops that when she refused, he threw her down on the bed and scratched her….

Late Sunday, the two assault and harassment charges against LaBella were dropped because Lohan refused medical attention and did not appear to be seriously hurt. However, Lohan could potentially face criminal charges for refusing to return LaBella’s cell phone.