BH Interview: Ted Nugent Says U.S. Is 'Done' if Obama Re-elected

BH Interview: Ted Nugent Says U.S. Is 'Done' if Obama Re-elected

I recently had the the opportunity to talk with Ted Nugent about gun rights, liberty, and the dangers liberalism poses for America.

Throughout the course of the interview Nugent repeatedly stressed the absolute necessity of electing Romney/Ryan in 2012 and indicated that we can just look around to us see what terrible results President Barack Obama’s policies have had on our nation. 

Obama and his cohorts are doing to us what other liberals have done to places like Detroit, where a once thriving city has been gutted from within by “liberals [who] train people to be dependent, to be slaves, and to be blindly obedient” to the freedom-crushing structure of liberalism, he says. 

I asked the man known to many as Uncle Ted to explain specifically the crossroads America faces in this November’s presidential election. Here’s his answer:

Barack Obama hates America. Barack Obama hates freedom. Barack Obama’s voting record, his upbringing, his education, his words, his actions, his misdeeds, all reek of everything anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-Bill of Rights. The latter of which is most deviously manifested in his voting record against the individual right to keep and bear arms. During his political career in Illinois he voted against the Second Amendment 100 percent of the time. 

America faces doom if we re-elect Barack Obama to the presidency. It is a dire, dangerous forecast for freedom.  

Keep in mind, Obama told the Russian PM, ‘I’ll have more flexibility after the election.” That means if he wins in November he won’t have to kowtow, he won’t have to placate anybody anymore. He will be able to go for the jugular, and that includes the jugular of the Second Amendment. 

He will begin again what he did in Illinois as a gangster politician and go against gun rights, he will tax ammunition, he will ban certain types of bullets, and he will ban certain types of firearms. His goal is Attorney General Eric Holder’s goal: namely, to brainwash Americans into believing that guns are bad and that the Second Amendment does not mean individuals have the right to keep and bear arms. 

Barack Obama is a smoke-and-mirrors scam artist who has convinced people he believes one and one equals two, while he shoves three-and-a-half down your throat.

Added Nugent: “In November 2012, we are voting for Romney/Ryan because we are voting for the very soul of America. If Barack Obama is elected again, this country is done.”