Romney, Reagan, and James Bond

Romney, Reagan, and James Bond

Last night Mitt Romney became the candidate the Republican Party has waited for since Ronald Reagan.

Americans who watched the first presidential debate with an open heart and mind will sleep better. While I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art at an event for the terrific new documentary “Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007” to air at 8 p.m. EST tomorrow night on the super channel Epix, I couldn’t help thinking how the debate is going.

Oddly, former President Clinton was also in the documentary, speaking of how the world looks for one person that will come in and perhaps save the day, and that is part of the appeal of James Bond. The documentary also spoke of President Kennedy’s appreciation for the film and Ian Fleming novels and also Reagan’s love of the character and films!

While I had my Jack Daniels at the after party and met some marvelous people, in the back of my mind all I was thinking about was coming back to the hotel to see the debate. When I got to the hotel I was absolutely pleased at the quality of the two candidates’ behavior and the substance and style.

What Romney did was no less than an overwhelming display of knowledge and communication of the issues. Romney let Americans feel the same confidence Reagan did during almost similar economic and foreign circumstances.

This is who Romney is, a man who is not mean-spirited, a man who, like Reagan, has core values that are so deeply ingrained a light shines inside him like Lady Liberty’s torch.

This is his time. This is America’s hope!

I was recently with a very prominent Democrat who spoke of his working with Romney during the Olympics. He spoke of Romney’s humility and grace while they were working together. Another friend of mine who was head of security of the Olympics also spoke to me years ago of how terrific a person Romney is.

I met Romney on several occasions, and he is a gracious, genuine person. I also met President Barack Obama who is also gracious and genuine. But while both men have nobility, Romney has the path we need as a nation and a people.

It is no secret what the progressive agenda is – it was no secret four years ago, and it is more evident today. Last night we saw someone who instilled confidence back to a nation in crisis! A nation which has incrementally been mismanaged by both political parties!

Romney communicated to the American people a clear, definitive difference. I think back when I was a young man as I watched the Reagan/Carter debates with tremendous anxiety. There was the moment when I felt we would be OK.

Last night, that happened again.

The night Romney showed America who he is. Come to think of it, he would have made a great Bond. Of course, he would have to affect an English accent and obtain an English passport. On second thought, America needs him more!

God bless You all, and God Bless America.