'Ted Nugent's Gun Country' On Discovery Channel: All Guns All The Time

'Ted Nugent's Gun Country' On Discovery Channel: All Guns All The Time

Ted Nugent’s Gun Country premieres on October 10 on Discovery Channel. Coupled with the recent release of a full line of Ted Nugent Ammunition, it puts Uncle Ted right where he likes to be — with guns in his hands and targets down range.

His Discovery Channel show is literally going to be a celebration of life with guns.  His wife and children will all be featured with various firearms, reflecting what Nugent says is a “very serious, very sincere relationship all of them share with firearms.” His show will cover  hunting and shooting for recreation, and will also shine the spotlight on new firearms and firearm products. 

The message Nugent wants to get out is that these aren’t things he and his family are doing just because the cameras are rolling. Rather, these represent “the natural, every day activities the Nugent family undertakes with guns.” 

Because Ted Nugent Ammunition will certainly have a place in Ted Nugent’s Gun Country, I asked him about the new ammo line and here’s what he said:

The state of art ammunition right now, off the shelves, rivals the custom hand loads of the ballistic craftsmen going back many years. So when the Pierce ammo guys, masters of the craft by any measure, approached me to see if I’d be interested in starting a line of Ted Nugent Ammunition, I said, “I’m always shooting and I’m always testing ammunition, so send me some ammo to test.”

Pierce wanted to do it like I wanted to do it — full throttle — so we were a perfect match for one another. Now I have Ted Nugent Ammunition, which is beyond any dream I ever had when growing up outside Detroit.

Ted Nugent’s Gun Country will premiere on Discovery Channel October 10 at 10 pm EST.