'Atlas Shrugged' Producer Won't Screen Sequel for 'Prostitute' Critics

'Atlas Shrugged' Producer Won't Screen Sequel for 'Prostitute' Critics

At the L.A. premiere for “Atlas Shrugged: Part II,” producer John Aglialoro had some criticisms to hurl at everyone from the media elite to VP candidate Paul Ryan.

Giving opening remarks to introduce his film, Aglialoro criticized Republicans for publicly dismissing their admiration for novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand. He told Republicans not to fear the blowback from embracing both Rand and her objectivist principles. 

Aglialoro said that Republicans “should not fear to embrace Ayn Rand.” He continued, “Paul Ryan! Are you listening?” The criticisms were clearly in good taste as Aglialoro kept things light and admirable when he spoke of Ryan and Republicans.

Aglialoro’s criticisms lobbed at the media were a little more serious — and personal. He blamed the media for some of the first film’s unsuccessful box office. He claimed the critics were too dismissive. The film has a total of 11% positive reviews from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, but 74% of regular viewers voting on the site have given the film a positive rating. 

Agliaoro claimed the media “prostituted their profession” and “bullied” “Part I.” He announced that the second film will not screen for critics. “Why give them the sword they will use to decapitate the movie?” Aglialoro asked. Very true words from a very true Randist.