Rainn Wilson Attacks Voter ID Laws in Video

Rainn Wilson Attacks Voter ID Laws in Video

There’s a new attack on voter registration requirements in a video from SoulPancake.com starring “The Office” star Rainn Wilson. In the video, a sharecropper rides through the California semi-desert on his horse and buggy, whining about how long its taking him to get to the polling place.

A card appears on screen that reads: “Elections were first held on Tuesdays so people traveling to vote wouldn’t have to miss church on Sundays.”

The sharecropper then moans about how his rear end is hurting because he’s hidden his money there in case of thieves, whereupon the next card reads: “Voting was a pain in the ass.”

Finally arriving at the 2012 polling station, the sharecropper gets in line behind three young slobs, who whine, respectively: “I hate waiting in line.” “Can’t we just do this on the Internet?” and “I’m late to work. This sucks … and I work at Radio Shack, which sucks.”

The third card reads: “Voting is still a pain in the ass.”

The sharecropper gets his turn and approaches Wilson, the poll taker, who asks for “American identification.” When the sharecropper hands him a weathered piece of paper, Wilson intones, “This expired 147 years ago.”

The fourth card pops up: “Let’s make voting less of a pain in the ass.”

When the sharecropper complains about how far he has come, Wilson answers he doesn’t care. The screen now reads: “Let’s make voting day a national holiday.”

Wilson summarily dismisses the sharecropper, who grumbles as he leaves.

The final cards reads:” “Let’s take back Tuesday.”

With the scatological video by Sarah Silverman that was a frontal assault on voter registration backfiring, the Left has a new, softer, method. But then, one has to consider the sources. SoulPancake’s Twitter site features questions such as:

            The heart beats, your fingers point… What does a soul do?

   Be invisible for one day: do you dare to say what you would do?

   What gets your gag reflex going?

Wilson’s sense of humor is rather atypical; one of his Tweets read:

Sometimes when I urinate I pretend I’m someone else urinating. Like John Hamm. Or the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. Or Sting.

And although Wilson tries to appear non-partisan, he gleefully retweeted this:

If Clint Eastwood ever talks to a chair on national TV, people will need a way to reassure each other.

SoulPancake’s Facebook page states:

We provide some rockin’ content (interviews, blogs, challenges, contests, features, and more), but it’s really all about having YOU–the SoulPancake community–bring this site to life. Say what’s on your mind. Be real. Talk about WHY WE’RE HERE. And if I say something that offends you, let me have it.

Okay, then. It’s offensive to have airheads who focus on gag reflexes and urinating like the Scarecrow pontificate about how requiring proper identification for voting is too difficult for real Americans. SoulPancake and Wilson should take their act to outer space, where they can voice their opinions in the proper place. A vacuum.