Sean Penn Extends Phony Olive Branch in New Bipartisan Video

Sean Penn Extends Phony Olive Branch in New Bipartisan Video

Hearing Sean Penn wonder why we all can’t get along is like tennis great John McEnroe insisting one shouldn’t raise their voice during a match.

Yet here’s Penn, starring alongside the genuinely gentle Kid Rock, in a new video promoting tolerance for those with points of view different than your own.

Yes, the actor known for punching paparazzi and slamming Republicans now wants to play nice. (the language here is not for the kiddies, though)

Before you watch the video, consider these Penn items:

  • Penn called the Tea Party racist, claiming its members want to “lynch” President Obama.
  • He dubbed Sean Hannity a “whore to the cause of his pimps” and said former President Bush and his colleagues should be impeached.
  • Penn unloaded on the previous administration in a 2007 speech: “You, Misters Bush and Cheney; you, Ms. Rice, are villainously and criminally obscene people, obscene human beings, incompetent even to fulfill your own self-serving agenda, while tragically neglectful and destructive of ours and our country’s.”

Does this sound like someone who respects what others have to say,especially if they disagree with his philosophies?

Maybe Penn is officially turning over a new leaf thanks to the video. Color us skeptical, but we’ll be glad to be proven wrong.