Trailer Talk: 'Sopranos' Creator Lowers Expectations with 'Not Fade Away'

Trailer Talk: 'Sopranos' Creator Lowers Expectations with 'Not Fade Away'

A trailer for ‘Sopranos’ creator David Chase’s upcoming film, ‘Not Fade Away,” was recently released online. It re- teams Chase with his head Soprano, James Gandolfini, and attempts to capture the music scene in 1960s-era New Jersey.

Synopsis:  Set in suburban New Jersey the 1960s, a group of friends form a rock band and try to make it big.


Thoughts: Chase became the center of controversy when he ended his long running HBO mob series on a mysterious and, some would argue, anti-climactic note. Now, Chase is moving into the film world with a story that has mostly been kept secret until now.

Chase brings the rebellious music scene of the ’60s to life in this trailer, and our first glimpses of his actors suggest some worthy performances, especially from Gandolfini.

“Not Fade Away,” however, mainly appears to be a non-event which is most likely what Chase is going for after the endless public exposure “Sopranos” brought him. “Not Fade Away” hints at being a well made drama with a superb look and cast to boot, but nothing looks particularly original.

We’ve seen a lot of these beats hit before: the misunderstanding father, the rebelling musical youth, etc. We’ve even watched it go down in the same era. Hopefully, “Not Fade Away” manages to distinguish itself above the other films that have walked this well worn path before.

“Not Fade Away” drops in theaters Dec. 21.