Liberal Celebrities Cheer Smirking, Smug Biden

Liberal Celebrities Cheer Smirking, Smug Biden

Celebrities took President Barack Obama’s disastrous, drab debate performance pretty hard last week.

So they were understandably delighted to watch Vice President Joe Biden display a pulse during last night’s faceoff with GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

Who cares that Biden’s aggressive mien, the constant smirking and chortling, likely scared away plenty of those crucial swing voters?

Bill Maher: 

“Hello 911? There’s an old man beating a child on my TV”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus:

Go Biden, go!

Jason Alexander:

Great debate, both gents. Personally, Biden is a man I prefer 2 have a heartbeat from Oval Office. And u k ow I support the man there now.

Eva Longoria:

Finally the truth comes out and Ryan is called on his BS!! Go Joe Biden!

Not all celebrities embraced Biden’s smirk-a-thon.

Roger Ebert:

Biden smiling when nothing is funny