Belafonte: If Romney Is Elected, Future Is Bleak

Belafonte: If Romney Is Elected, Future Is Bleak

Harry Belafonte, the calypso singer who also doubles as a political wise man, told the Huffington Post just before the second presidential debate that if Mitt Romney is elected, the future will be bleak:

I think that where we are now is in crisis and [at] a crossroads. If unbridled capitalism prevails with the current electoral process, and Mitt Romney makes it, then I think we’re in for a terrible, terrible future. If he doesn’t make it, then I think we have a chance to look at the democratic institutions and be more sensitive to poverty, women’s issues, children, etc.

The scholar of history continued:

There is no democracy without social engagement and social activism. It’s very critical to the health and dynamic of a society that wants to remain democratic and build upon democratic principles. If you cut out that platform, they will have seriously injured the democratic process.

And Belafonte knows his history. From 2010:

Abraham Lincoln knew the evil of slavery and in abolishing that evil saved America. Although slavery may have been abolished, crippling poison, racism, still persists. And the struggle still continues… Perhaps the greatest threat of all is the undermining of our Constitution and the systematic attacks against the inalienable rights of the citizens of this nation. Rights that are guaranteed by our Constitution. At the vanguard of this insidious attack is the Tea Party. This band of misguided citizens is moving perilously close to achieving villainous ends.

Equating the Tea Party with undermining the Constitution. Now there’s a man who knows his American history backwards and –


One thing’s for sure; if Calypso Harry thinks electing Romney means America will have a terrible future, then we know that Romney will make a phenomenal president.