John Aglialoro: "Good Ideas Are Not For Everyone"

John Aglialoro: "Good Ideas Are Not For Everyone"

In true Randian fashion, “Atlas Shrugged’ producer John Aglialoro dropped some knowledge and truth in a recent piece he penned for Forbes. Aglialoro attempted to speak to the rational voters of America and he had an interesting message: “Good ideas are not for everyone.”

Aglialoro began by asking whether the rational voter/reader planned on trying to talk to their voting friends about the facts of the election and try to sway them more to the right. Aglialoro agreed with this notion … to an extent. Going to talk to your friends and neighbors? “I would suggest you do,” he wrote, “just not all of them.” 

There’s a sad truth out there that has been touched on by a few publicly but seems to be swept under the rug by most conservatives and that is this: there is a large portion of the country that will always sway left and always base their opinions not on fact, but on their own emotions. For instance, can a Michael Moore be convinced of his own incompetence and pure hatred for that which he does not understand? No.

“This is the problem with most, if not all, of the Left’s arguments. Their arguments are rarely anchored in reality, or on what they’ve read themselves, or on any type of empirical evidence or data. Their arguments are founded primarily on assumption and their emotional response to those assumptions,” Aglialoro said.

Aglialoro went on to quote the great Ayn Rand and tell his dear readers: “…don’t waste our time trying to convince the inconvincible…”

The sad fact of the matter is that he is right. We on the right can have our disagreements and, Lord knows, we have our fair share. After all, some of us wanted Ron Paul as the nominee, others preferred Rick Santorum, and a few of us won’t vote for Mitt Romney come election day while most of us will.

But there are those in our country who simply cannot be bothered to enter the conversations of rational men and women. These are the people who think President Barack Obama is a saint and feel they deserve more than they have simply because they exist. These are the people who think of Rand as a monster and call conservatives everything from racist to sexist. These are the people Aglialoro rightly warns us to stay away from.

“…good ideas are not for everyone. They’re only for those actually interested in ideas to begin with,” he says near the end of his piece. Once again, he is right. With his recent Forbes piece, Aglialoro proved himself to be the man telling the truth no one wants to tell. He seems to be proving himself to be that man time and time again.

“Atlas Shrugged: Part II” is currently playing in theaters nationwide.