Jeff Foxworthy Hits Colorado to Talk up Team Romney

Jeff Foxworthy Hits Colorado to Talk up Team Romney

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy finds little funny about a second term for President Barack Obama.

So the mind behind those “you might be a redneck” gags and the host of “The Great American Bible Challenge,” dropped by Colorado Springs yesterday to talk up the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Foxworthy and other speakers focused on how hunters and anglers fuel an economic engine for the nation, and that they need to fight for their right to bear arms.

“We’re a heart attack away from losing the right to bear arms,” Foxworthy said, discussing how the fate of sportsmen and the Second Amendment are separated by one vote within the Supreme Court.

A hot topic for the comedian was the nation’s trillion dollar debt.

“It’s a disaster, it’s exactly the formula for what has happened to Greece and what’s happening to Spain right now, we cannot sustain this. We have to put people back to work, we have to get control of this national debt, and if we don’t our kids are not gonna know the same country that we knew,” said Foxworthy.