Flip Flop: Lindsay Lohan Decides She Actually Likes Obama

Flip Flop: Lindsay Lohan Decides She Actually Likes Obama

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan tweeted the following during Monday night’s debate: “RT if you’re #ProudOfObama as our commander in chief.”

The only issue is these statements made by her a few weeks ago in support of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney: “I think unemployment is very important for now, so as of now I think (my vote) is Mitt Romney.” Before that she even tweeted the President requesting tax cuts across the board for Americans, including millionaires.

Is this a sad cry for attention by the actress? After all, the media ate it up when she endorsed Romney, so maybe she thought throwing her weight behind Obama would get the same attention. The way the headlines read when it comes to Lohan, it’s anyone’s guess.

But this could be a representation of the fickle nature of many Obama supporters these days, especially in Hollywood. If this were 2008, Obama would still be the hope and change everyone made him out to be. The only difference now is that he has an actual record to run on, and it ain’t too pretty.

Romney has managed to gain some momentum when it comes to Hollywood in this election, but Lohan is no Clint Eastwood.