Trailer Talk: 'Empires of the Deep' Slices Up the Cinematic Cheese

Trailer Talk: 'Empires of the Deep' Slices Up the Cinematic Cheese

A trailer for a supposedly real film has gone online. That film is “Empires of the Deep” and stars former Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko and a bunch of big fish fighting each other.

Synopsis:  Set in a mythical world, the story of an unlikely love story between a young human and a mermaid.

‘Empires of the Deep’ has an apparently long and disastrous history. The film shed producers, directors and actors along the way. Now, it’s come to “completion” with a pair of directors behind it and a rising actress to boot. Stepping in to finance the piece is Jon Jiang, a Chinese real estate tycoon who also wrote the script.

Here is my theory: this is a joke. Jon Jiang must have re-read his script after losing his big Hollywood players and realized that this story is something an eight year old comes up with in creative writing with crayons. I mean, underwater kingdoms, fish fighting each other and Kurylenko pretending she’s this desperate for a job? C’mon. Can’t be real. Mr. Jiang obviously put this fake trailer together as a joke to show his Hollywood buddies so they could all laugh it up and realize what a huge mistake they almost made.

Because nobody would spend $130 million on this … right?