Win Two Hitchcock Classics in Blu-ray

Win Two Hitchcock Classics in Blu-ray

Big Hollywood readers can win two classic Alfred Hitchcock movies in high definition, including one of the earlier attempts at three-dimensional filmmaking.

Both “Strangers on a Train” and “Dial M for Murder 3D” are part of our latest Blu-ray giveaway. One winner will received a copy of both films.

From Warner Home Video:

“Strangers on a Train”

Strange thing about this trip. So much occurs in pairs. Tennis star Guy (Farley Granger) hates his unfaithful wife. Mysterious Bruno (Robert Walker) hates his father. How perfect for a playful proposal: I’ll kill yours, you kill mine. Now look at how Alfred Hitchcock reinforces the duality of human nature. The more you watch, the more you’ll see. “Isn’t it a fascinating design?” the Master of Suspense often asked. Actually, it’s doubly fascinating. Final Release Version with Commentary by Director Peter Bogdanovich, Psycho Screenwriter Joseph Stefano, Patricia Highsmith Biographer Andrew Wilson and Several Hitchcock Colleagues, Aficionados and Family Members, Plus the Suspense Master Himself in an Interview Excerpt.


“Dial M for Murder 3D”

When American writer Mark Halliday visits the very married Margot Wendice in London, he unknowingly sets off a chain of blackmail and murder. After sensing Margot’s affections for Halliday, her husband, Tony Wendice, fears divorce and disinheritance, and plots her death. Knowing former school chum Captain Lesgate is involved in illegal activities, Tony blackmails him into conspiring to kill Margot. When she kills Lesgate in self-defense, Tony implicates her as being guilty of premeditated murder. Halliday must out-stratagize Tony to save Margot’s live.

To win, simply send an email to Big Hollywood’s Christian Toto ( with the word “Strangers” in the subject line to enter our drawing. The winner must be located within the United States and entries will be accepted through Monday Oct. 29.

Good luck!