D.L. Hughley Calls Romney "Smug" and "Arrogant"

D.L. Hughley Calls Romney "Smug" and "Arrogant"

Actor and comedian D.L. Hughley recently entered Fox News’ No Spin Zone and had some rather personal and hateful words for the Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney.

Hughley told host Bill O’Reilly that Romney was “kind of smug and arrogant.” He then flat out stated, “I don’t like him.” Hughley added that he felt Romney had a “disdain for people that he can’t relate to” and that he would be “sadly disappointed” if the former Massachusetts governor was elected Nov. 6th. 

The host of the short lived “D.L. Hughley Breaks the News” is a talented comedian and a clearly intelligent individual, which is why it’s sad to see him give in to such nasty, baseless rhetoric.

It’s strange to see the level of freedom that media figures feel they have when it comes to criticizing Romney in both a personal and hateful fashion, yet any legitimate criticism lobbed at the sitting president is met with accusations of racism.

For example, Clint Eastwood and author Stephen Hunter were charged as racist and idiotic after criticizing the president for his self congratulatory style in reporting the death of Osama Bin Laden. These are the same critics who claim to be above such personal attacks.

Hughley goes on to savage Romney for disrespecting the president in the final debate and treating Obama like a “servant.” He even criticized O’Reilly’s last interview with Obama as “disrespectful.” Where was Hughley when O’Reilly interviewed former President George W. Bush and interrupted and pushed just as much? According to Hughley, O’Reilly “HAD to interrupt him because he didn’t quite know what was going on.”

Could the double standard be any more obvious?

It’s also sad to see the growing comfort level the Left has with words like “racist.” They use accusations of racism and sexism so often they devalue their serious nature. Yet, people like Hughley can’t see the hypocrisy of calling one side hateful things while claiming their opponents are doing just that.

Hughley claims Romney was disrespectful to the president, but what about the president? Not only has he proven condescending to the governor at every turn – he even called Romney a “bullshitter” to a reporter – Obama’s campaign has gone so far as to call Romney a felon.

Why does Hughley need to give himself over to such rhetoric? The comedian himself explains why. Hughley says he feels “much more protective” of Obama because he is the first African-American president.