Obama's Sex Voter: 'Nothing Funnier' than Teens Writing on Abortion, Incest

Obama's Sex Voter: 'Nothing Funnier' than Teens Writing on Abortion, Incest

The subject of the latest Obama campaign ad, who suggested that young Americans should lose their voting virginity with Obama, was quoted in Interview magazine saying that there is “nothing funnier” than young kids writing about abortion and incest.

The interview, which was conducted by actress Claire Danes, discussed Dunham’s HBO series “Girls” as well as the state of female friendship and feminism in today’s world.

Dunham, who was a creative writing major at Oberlin, recalled:

…there was a teacher who helped us write, direct, and do stage readings of what, looking back, were these incredibly graphic, morbid high-school plays. There’s nothing funnier to me than 14-year-olds writing plays about abortion and incest. I remember a kid writing a big play about purgatory. There was an apocalypse and all that was left was one McDonald’s where everyone had to stay together. There were these ambitious ideas that people were pushing. It wasn’t about becoming great dramatists. It was just about getting your important ideas out into Brooklyn Heights.

Dunham goes on to say that she believes feminism still has a place in our day, and that she’s excited by the idea that “the feminism conversation could be cool again and not just feel like some granola BS.”

With regards to nudity in her work, Dunham said, “For some reason in my first movie I was like, ‘I’m just gonna show my boobs.’ I don’t know why.”

Granted, Dunham likely could have meant that the comedy of the situation was found in 14-year-olds trying to write plays about heady, controversial topics based on their limited life experiences. The point is, this is where the Obama campaign finds itself; after tapping Hollywood’s A List for campaign endorsements — Oscar and Grammy winners, even a star of “The Avengers,” the biggest film of the year — that hasn’t translated into a lead in the polls. 

So where does the President of the United States go? To a niche, hipster writer-comedienne who has earned her low place in the entertainment world with an affinity for easy, “controversial” material that often involves her own sexual degradation. Granted, there have been other actresses associated with the campaign for similar classlessness, but even the worst of them, Sarah Silverman, has been relegated to PACs and not the official Obama campaign.

For the President to forge an 11th-hour partnership with a celebrity of such anti-mainstream appeal while still losing women voters to Mitt Romney is telling. The campaign has conceded the battle for “women” as a whole and is fighting tooth and nail just to keep the support of the small niche of women to whom Lena Dunham appeals. 

It’s not about outrage or offensiveness; this is all about seriousness. The leader of the free world doesn’t have anything left in his reelection strategy. The only question now is: which minor celebrity will he turn to next? Avid Twitter defender Ellen Barkin? Elementary schooler and reality show star Honey Boo Boo?