Trailer Talk: 'Evil Dead' Reboot Offers Blood, Scares

Trailer Talk: 'Evil Dead' Reboot Offers Blood, Scares

Fans of the cult classic horror film “The Evil Dead” will probably be split on the recently released trailer for the new reboot of the franchise. It’s bloody and scary, but is it “Evil Dead?”


Synopsis:  Mia, a young woman struggling with sobriety, heads to a remote cabinwith her brother and a group of friends where the discovery of a Bookof the Dead leads to danger and horror.

The new “Dead” certainly looks like a strong horror outing, but the original was mainly known for its low budget camp and Bruce Campbell’s “particular” brand of acting. This reboot clearly loses the cheese in favor of blood, gore and scaring the hell out of a new generation of horror movie goers.

Most “Evil Dead” fans, however, should rejoice at any changes to the franchise since they are being directly overseen by original director Sam Raimi and Campbell as producers. Hopefully, this teaser nails the tone because Diablo Cody was brought in for rewrites and she’s not exactly known for her “scary” and “tense” scripts. The closest she’s gotten was “Jennifer’s Body,” which was just a strange mix of hipster cliches and corny horror.

All worries aside, “Evil Dead” looks like a bloody good time. What do longtime franchise fans think? Does the new trailer excite you? Or should Hollywood just leave some beloved franchises alone?

“Evil Dead” hits theaters April 12, 2013.