'2016' DVD Sales Soar, iTunes Ignores

'2016' DVD Sales Soar, iTunes Ignores

“2016: Obama’s America,” a movie with no stars, a tiny budget and all the disdain the mainstream media could muster, is now the no. 4 selling DVD in the country.

The film, which rocked Hollywood by becoming the second highest grossing political documentary in history just a few weeks back, is scoring big with home video buyers, too, according to Nielsen Video Scan.

It’s still getting little respect in some quarters.

The film’s producers note Apple’s iTunes “has consistently failed to list ‘2016: Obama’s America’ on its homepage under its “new and notables” section.” This despite the film ranking as high as no. 7 of all movies sold on iTunes.

“To say that #2 biggest political documentary in history isn’t ‘new and notable’ is laughable. The mainstream media is horrified that we’ve succeeded without their blessing,” says producer Gerald Molen in a statement. “We continue to wear their attempts to blacklist us as a badge of honor and are thrilled that the film is serving as a source of information for concerned Americans. There has been a tremendous outpouring of groups, churches and colleges that have a desire to see this film.”