'Seinfeld' Star Trashes Andrew Breitbart as a 'Liar'

'Seinfeld' Star Trashes Andrew Breitbart as a 'Liar'

President Barack Obama sycophant Jason Alexander of “Seinfeld” fame is having a hard time explaining away Benghazi-Gate.

So Alexander is going on the offensive, blasting sites like Breitbart.com along with its founder.

Twitchy.com reports the actor called the late Andrew Breitbart a liar and trashed conservative media for daring to question the Obama administration’s murky narrative on the death of four Americans on Sept. 11 in Libya.

Here’s Alexander firing back at a fellow Twitter user on the subject:

ur bs info comes from Breitbart other right wing garbage sources. Not 1 source on site. God knows Breitbart wasn’t a liar, right?

Later, Alexander doubled down on his attack.

site ur source, please. And if it’s Breitbart or some other right wing blog, don’t bother. It won’t count for truth.