Silverman Supplies Rape Jokes for Grayson Gala

Silverman Supplies Rape Jokes for Grayson Gala

Sarah Silverman knows how to work a far-left campaign crowd.

The shock comic appeared on behalf of progressive candidate Alan Grayson this week, and she used the occasion to uncork a series of rape jokes

Melodramatically striding to the stage to Enya’s “Only Time,” Silverman declared to much laughter as the music faded, “Wow. God, I love that song — I was a brutally raped to that song.”

Silverman joked that rape victims are “traditionally not complainers” and the worst that could happen is “after a show a woman might come up to you and say, ‘Look, I’m a victim of rape … and I thought that joke was insensitive and inappropriate and totally my fault.'”

In between, Silverman called rape a “heinous crime” and a “hidden gem” for comedians.