D.C. Paparazzie Root Against Romney, Fear Boring Bush-Level Celebrities

D.C. Paparazzie Root Against Romney, Fear Boring Bush-Level Celebrities

The D.C.-based paparazzi have spoken, and they want four more years for President Barack Obama. Only it’s not for the reasons you may suspect.

The photographers who get paid for pictures of celebrities say Barack Obama has brought in a new crop of high dollar names, who aren’t likely to stick around if Mitt Romney wins the presidential election.

Snapper Mike Wilkins says, “Right now there are celebs visiting the White House — four, five times a week that we don’t even know about until after they leave.” He worries the celebrities Romney would draw to D.C. will send him and his colleagues out of business. Romney, Wilkins feels, would “bring back the same old boring celebrities we saw back when Bush was around.”

The photographers have a point, even if they couch it in unflattering terms. I covered celebrity events in D.C. during parts of both the Clinton and Bush administrations for The Washington Times, and the celebrity meter dropped dramatically during the latter years.

Harvey Levin of TMZ fame suggests another reason why you won’t see as many celebrities around Washington should Romney prevail – liberal intolerance.

“If [A-listers] start getting chummy with a Republican president, I think they’re scoffed at in Hollywood by a lot of people,” says Levin. “There’s an intolerance here with Democrats in Hollywood.”