Adam Carolla: Obama's Hope and Change Message 'Retarded … Semi-Insulting'

Adam Carolla: Obama's Hope and Change Message 'Retarded … Semi-Insulting'

Adam Carolla’s shift to the political right appears all but complete.

Yes, the podcast king still supports gay marriage, and he embraces other left-of-center social stances. On the big issues of the day, from the upcoming election to our collective increase in government dependence, Carolla might as well have his own show on Fox News.

Oh, wait. Carolla was recently christened as the channel’s newest contributor.

Carolla’s latest rant targeted President Barack Obama’s moth-eaten 2008 campaign slogan.

I take it you’re not happy with President Obama’s last four years.

C’mon, “Hope and Change?” We’re not supposed to hope for anything, we’re supposed to go get stuff. This country is not about hope. Ethiopia is about hope. We’re about manufacturing jobs. Hope is retarded; change is semi-insulting considering we are already the best system in place. Of course, nothing’s perfect but the rest of the world has a lot of catching up to do before they get to us. So, hope stupid. Change stupid. But either way I don’t know how much hope and how much change folks have experienced over the last four years. Next to zero?

Carolla was just getting started.

He also railed against Hollywood, blasting what he called the no-talents in the industry and swatting celebrities who crave higher taxes and then flee California to shoot in states offering the best tax incentives.

And this whole thing about raising taxes to create a bigger base. Bullshit, I live in California. Every major production company is fleeing Hollywood to make their films and TV shows in towns where there are tax breaks. I drove Bryan Cranston [Breaking Bad] to the airport. I said, “Where are you going Bryan?” “New Mexico. We were supposed to shoot in Riverside, CA but we get a tax break in NM,” he said.  And now they’re on, season five? This is my political belief? No, it’s knowledge.