Cusack to Produce, Star in Limbaugh Biopic

Cusack to Produce, Star in Limbaugh Biopic

The Left has tried virtually all it could to chase radio titan Rush Limbaugh off the air.

Made up racist quotes. Boycotts. Talks of the Fairness Doctrine reborn. Nothing has worked so far.

Now, far-left actor John Cusack is taking a different path. Cusack will produce and star in a Rush Limbaugh biopic, set to start shooting next year.

The subject is a natural for a Hollywood production. Limbaugh began his career with a series of generic radio gigs before becoming a syndicated talk sensation.  His rise coincided with the dawn of New Media, a parallel information network which filled in the blanks left behind by the mainstream press.

And if Limbaugh’s success wasn’t remarkable enough, he defeated a drug problem and survived the loss of his hearing to continue to reign over the radio market.

What a story.

So, what will Cusack make of Limbaugh’s life? Will he turn the film into a series of progressive talking points, casting Limbaugh as a menace to political society? Or, will he recognizes Limbaugh’s impact on both media and the conservative party and tell it straight?

Here’s a hint – “War, Inc.” And another – Cusack is to the left of President Barack Obama.