CBS 'The Good Wife' Pushes Global Warming, Anti-Tea Party Themes

CBS 'The Good Wife' Pushes Global Warming, Anti-Tea Party Themes

TV’s “The Good Wife” wears its left-wing politics on its sleeve.

This week’s episode was no exception, as a TV courtroom judge was depicted pushing global warming from the bench. This isn’t the first time as the same character has in the past pushed anti-conservative themes.

As the courtroom scenes opened, the character portraying the judge in a sexual harassment case entered spouting global warming tropes. “I hope you’re staying cool today on this unusually hot November day.” He then joked, “I hope you don’t mind me saying: Global warming 1, skeptics 0.”

The court case in the episode had nothing at all to do with science or global warming but centered on a male soldier sexually harassing a female army officer.

Admittedly, it was sort of amusing how the show depicted the courtroom’s reception of the judge’s global warming “joke.” After he delivered it, the scene was a dead silent, stone-faced crowd. Immediately after his global warming line, the “judge” went on to slam the U.S. government essentially for misusing America’s armed forces.

“I have great respect for all those in uniform, no matter how our government sees fit to employ them,” the character said.

As Brent Baker reminds us, last season this same character, “Judge Charles Abernathy,” pushed positive blather about Occupy Wall Street in another courtroom scene.

After mentioning Occupy Wall Street, this character went on to say, “Yes, these amazing young men and women are braving 36-degree weather, with the grit in their eyes of a shared cause, and all to challenge the system. And I, for one, I salute them.”

“The Good Wife” is supposed to be set in Chicago, but all the writing and sensibilities are better suited for a New York or Los Angeles setting.

Another attack on conservatives came last year when an episode portrayed Tea Partiers as racists and domestic terrorists.

Curiously, as the show is touting anti-war sentiments, praising Occupy Wall Street and slamming Tea Party members, the show has yet to note all the law breaking, the rapes, the property destruction, and general violence of the Occupy Wall Street movement.