Celebrities Gloat Over Obama Victory

Celebrities Gloat Over Obama Victory

President Barack Obama won. So did Hollywood.

Celebrities quickly chimed in to celebrate four more years for President Obama, using social media to gloat into the wee hours of Election Night.

Here’s just a sample:

P Diddy:

I’m calling it now, before CNN, before Fox News, Obama has been reelected. You’ve heard it here first. #VoteOrDie ….biaaatch.


Re-elected.The thought Being Forced 2 LISTEN 2 romney’s FAKE LAUGH is enough 2make me SOB ! I DISLIKE HIM MORE than I EVER Imagined I could

Julie Benz:

Yippee!!!!!!!!! #Obama2012

Terry McMillan:

I hope Paul lost his house seat

Octavia Spencer:

romney and ryan did not win their home states. #VeryTelling