And a Podcaster Shall Lead Them: Why Carolla Matters in Obama 2.0

And a Podcaster Shall Lead Them: Why Carolla Matters in Obama 2.0

Conservatism’s best hope for taking back popular culture rests with a man once described as “not Taco Bell material.”

Adam Carolla isn’t a Tea Partier, but he’s precisely the kind of voice needed to help the Right stake a claim to the entertainment realm.

Last night’s electoral blow out, aided and abetted by virtually every A-list entertainer pushing an otherwise unsuccessful president, makes Andrew Breitbart’s words on the impact of pop culture ring even more true today.

Conservatives have mostly given up on the entertainment community, and we saw the fruits of that error less than 24 hours ago.

Enter the “Ace” man. Carolla is fresh, ferociously funny and able to articulate core conservative values as well as any entertainer alive. He was among the first to target Occupy Wall Street, and he nailed our cultural malaise when he blasted the poor for hating the rich for being … rich. He’s politically incorrect to a fault and refuses to apologize when he ruffles the wrong set of feathers.

It gets better. 

Carolla got booted from terrestrial radio and reinvented his career as a podcaster. Now, he’s the king of Carolla Digital, a podcast platform complete with a fellow broadcasters, such as libertarian leaning Penn Jilette.

The reinvention taught Carolla plenty about how capitalism works, and why hard work offers more than just a steady paycheck. It’s good for the soul, a message he’s been communicating to the masses for years.

Conservatives have other warriors in the battle to retake pop culture, from the still mighty Dennis Miller to Greg Gutfeld, the funniest human being not to have a late night talk show in the Leno/Letterman mold.

Carolla is a reluctant culture warrior. He holds positions on the legalization of marijuana and gay marriage that don’t jibe with some factions of the Right. No matter. We need him more than ever today, and over the next four years, to make us laugh, offer insights into the greatness of the American spirit and spread his message through a variety of cutting edge media outlets.

UPDATE: Carolla spoke to The Hollywood Reporter’s Paul Bond today essentially confirming his switch to the Republican party.