AP Defends Jason Biggs Against Vile Tweets

AP Defends Jason Biggs Against Vile Tweets

You couldn’t write a better example of entertainment media bias than this dispatch from the Associated Press.

The wire service finally tackles the offensive tweets sent by “American Pie” star Jason Biggs to the wives of the GOP presidential ticket earlier this year.

The “American Pie” star took heat for off-color comments posted to his Twitter feed at the time of the Republican National Convention in August. The outpouring of criticism from parents groups, pundits and others led Nickelodeon to issue an apology for the actor’s comments on the social media website. Biggs is providing one of the voices in the cable TV station’s new animated series “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

“I made a political tweet, so I got a little bit of heat from the right,” he said….

Biggs’ tweets have also poked fun at the Kardashians, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan and the ABC show “The Bachelorette.”

“I’m more afraid of the Kardashians, than I am of the Republicans,” he said.

And there you go. It was all about politics. Heck, Biggs tweets on all manner of subjects, from candidates to reality show stars. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Wait. What exactly did Biggs tweet? Isn’t that pertinent? Not to the AP, apparently.

Breitbart News did the heavy lifting already. Repeatedly.

Republicans weren’t incensed about a few “political” tweets. They were shocked by Biggs bringing the wives of the candidates into the mix, and doing so in a remarkably crude, dehumanizing fashion.

Let’s all close our eyes and imagine, say, Dennis Miller, tweeting similar jokes against First Lady Michelle Obama. Do you think the AP would conveniently forget to mention the nature of those tweets? Or, better yet, wait until now to discuss the matter?

The mainstream media is hopelessly biased to the Left. The same is true for the entertainment press.