Conservative Documentaries Still Needed for Obama 2.0

Conservative Documentaries Still Needed for Obama 2.0

This year proved an exemplary one for conservative documentaries. “2016: Obama’s America” properly scrutinized the sitting president and became a sleeper hit for its efforts; “Occupy Unmasked” set the record straight when it came to the misguided Occupy Wall Street movement; conservative icon and enemy of mainstream media Andrew Breitbart was celebrated with “Hating Breitbart” and that’s not to mention other films like “Runaway Slave” or “The Hope and the Change.”

There is a mainstream narrative that is forced down the throats of the American people. Most accept it and simply go along to get along. Some fight back and decide to inform themselves about the truth and the enemies of the American people whether they be on the Left or the Right. This is usually where documentaries come into play. However, the conservative perspective is one that is too often shunned. This is why conservative documentaries are so vital as people become less informed and more interested in partisan spin rather than the truth.

If one were to simply go by what the media says, they would think Andrew Breitbart was a racist seething with jealousy over the “glamorous” people of Hollywood. With the help of a film like “Hating Breitbart,” one can see Breitbart as a warrior who fought the media and the government’s version of the truth.

If one simply used MSNBC as a source for their news (good luck with that), they would think Occupy Wall Street was a peaceful protest against evil bankers who robbed America blind … despite the fact that various people had warned of the financial collapse for decades and the involvement of the government in capitalism is what caused a bubble to form in the first place.

“Occupy Unmasked” helps to set the record straight and makes sure what the media throws out as the “truth” is not the only information put on record.

When a man arrives out of nowhere with nothing but a nice smile and good voice, and the media refuses to properly examine him as they did previous presidential candidates, a film like “2016” comes in handy. And I don’t necessarily agree with everything in its presentation.

When reporters don’t do their job, it’s up to us to do it for them. Barack Obama was re-elected for a variety of reasons. Conservatives couldn’t rally behind the Republican’s candidate. Obama ran an incredibly sleazy campaign, etc. However, at the top of that list is the fact that the American people are uninformed. They rely on information from unreliable sources.

In this world of Obama 2.0, we need independent thinkers to set the record straight and fight the false narratives. We need Libertarians, conservatives, Republicans, general intellectuals to stand and fight for the truth. We need them to present the truth the next four years in the same way they did in 2012.

We need the truth when it comes to government incompetence like Fast and Furious, Benghazi and the utter failure of FEMA no matter who sits in the Oval Office. It doesn’t even need to be conservative filmmakers who feel the motivation. Need some help liberals? How about a documentary exposing on how Obama has denied the gay community their rights to marry save for a verbal endorsement? Or a film showing how Obama is perceived as the candidate taking it easy on the War on Drugs when he has cracked down harder than his social conservative predecessor? 

In this America of Obama 2.0, we need the truth more than ever … who will be the directors capturing it all on film?