ABC Says Actor Affleck 'Trying to End War in Africa'

ABC Says Actor Affleck 'Trying to End War in Africa'

Ben Affleck stands a very good chance of snaring an Oscar nomination or two for his terrific Iranian hostage drama “Argo.”

ABC News apparently thinks that qualifies him for being not only an expert on African affairs but someone who can help bring peace to that corner of the world. reports on both ABC News’ fawning interview with the actor as well as a suitably snarky comment from a journalist on the matter.

Under the chyron, “Affleck Trying to End War in Africa,” the news outlet picked the actor/director’s mind about his visit to Goma and thoughts on ending armed conflicts in the region.

Foreign-based correspondent Geoffrey York summed up the Twitterverse’s reaction with this tasty tweet:

ABC is ramping up its coverage of the Goma crisis today by bravely interviewing Ben Affleck for his analysis.