Report: Stevie Wonder Cancels Benefit Concert for Israeli Military

Report: Stevie Wonder Cancels Benefit Concert for Israeli Military

According to reporting from the Daily Caller, fearing he will look as though he’s taking sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, singing/songwriting legend Stevie Wonder, a high-profile supporter of President Obama, has withdrawn from his starring role in a Dec. 6 Los Angeles benefit for the Israeli Defense Forces.

If the report proves accurate, this isn’t a small thing. Wonder’s only giving the benefits organizers a week’s notice for an event he was set to headline — an event that annually raises millions of dollars in support of the Israeli army. In 1998, Wonder performed at this same event in honor of Israel’s 50th anniversary.

Should Wonder drop out, we can now add him to the long list of Hollywood’s morally illiterate. How anyone could find it difficult to “take sides” in a conflict between those who target civilians and those who target those who target civilians, is simply pathetic.

The truth, really, then, is that Wonder is taking sides — against Israel. The very act of accepting a moral equivalence between terrorists and a state under siege and desperate for peace is an act that rewards and lends credibility to terrorism, which is a victory for terrorists and a political defeat for Israel. If they wished, Palestinians could have peace and their own state tomorrow. That’s not what they want though. What they want is to destroy Israel.

The Daily Caller also reports that in 1995, Stevie Wonder accepted “a traditional Palestinian kafia headdress from an aide to Yasser Arafat, then the chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization.”

What more do you need to know about Mr. Wonder? How about the fact that he’s a United Nations “messenger of peace.” But if Wonder cancels this benefit, his message will be that terrorism against civilians is a winning strategy.


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