Forbes Richest Musicians List Features Occupy Loving Artists

Forbes Richest Musicians List Features Occupy Loving Artists

Several supporters of Occupy Wall Street probably won’t see the irony in their appearance on Forbes magazine’s latest list.

The business publication just released a countdown of the world’s 25 highest paid musicians, and four of the artists spent time singing the praises of the hard-left, rich-bashing movement.

Jay-Z, whose personal net worth is currently $475 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, was one of the most outspoken for the OWS movement and sold shirts to the Occupiers without sharing his profits. In Sept. 2012, however, Jay-Z took back his support for OWS in order to promote capitalism….

No. 22, rapper Kanye West, showed up to Occupy protest wearing gold chains. His personal net worth is currently $90 million, and made $35 million and his music often embraces an over-the-top lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

Pop singer Katy Perry was also on the Forbes list at No. 15, making $45 million for the year. Her personal net worth is currently at $55 million. In Oct. 2011, Perry visited the OWS encampment with then-husband Russell Brand and Russell Simmons while promoting it on her twitter….

Former lead singer for Pink Floyd Roger Waters made $88 million, getting him the No. 2 spot on the Forbes list.