Al Gore to Hollywood: Make More Green-Themed Movies

Al Gore to Hollywood: Make More Green-Themed Movies

Hollywood isn’t doing all it can to let the public know about global warming er, rather, climate change.

So sayeth Al Gore, the prophet of the green movement.

Al Gore slipped into town Dec. 6 for a quick chat with Hollywood environmentalists at the Beverly Hills estate of mega-concert producer Kevin Wall, the force behind Live Earth, a partnership with Gore.

Hmmm. I own a home, and I’ve never once called it my “estate.” Guessing Wall’s estate is a bit bigger than Chez Toto and likely gobbles up far more energy than my little abode does. Then again, Wall’s energy consumption would probably fit right in with Gore’s, if memory serves.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter about 75 guests including Lawrence Bender, Leonard Nimoy and Lynn Lear gathered to hear Gore’s impassioned plea for the entertainment industry to renew its focus on climate change.

Renew? Didn’t Gore hear about the new Showtime miniseries on the very subject? Entertainment content routinely slips climate change messages into its material when it isn’t shaping entirely plots on them.

Seems the industry already has Gore’s back.