Harvey Unchained: Will Weinstein Heed Star's Advice, Delay 'Django' Opening?

Harvey Unchained: Will Weinstein Heed Star's Advice, Delay 'Django' Opening?

Uber-producer Harvey Weinstein’s latest film, “Django Unchained,” may be the year’s most violent release. Star Jamie Foxx insists movie violence can inspire people to commit real atrocities.

So why would Weinstein, on the heels of the tragic school shooting in Connecticut and his own star’s proclamation, go forward with plans to release “Django Unchained” as scheduled (on Christmas Day, no less)?

Weinstein, who has a home in Connecticut, himself recently called for a violent movie summit, a meeting where filmmakers could explore the impact on-screen violence has on society. His comments came shortly after the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colo. shocked the nation.

A good faith Google search on the subject reveals no such summit has occurred.

Weinstein’s screen credits include some of the most brutal features made over the past 20 years, including “Kill Bill,” “Rambo,” “Halloween” and “Pulp Fiction.” Clearly, he has little issue with showing mass destruction on screen to tell a story – and make a profit.

Will he consider his star’s statement in the wake of the latest mass shooting?

UPDATE: The Weinstein Company has cancelled the L.A. premiere of “Django Unchained” slated for tomorrow night. The film will still be screened, but the press will not be invited and the movie will play only for select cast and crew who have yet to see the movie.