Box Office Predictions: 'Hobbit' Scores, Streisand Sinks

Box Office Predictions: 'Hobbit' Scores, Streisand Sinks

Sensei’s call streak hit twelve weeks last week. Will any new release break out this week?

Sensei’s weekend predictions and revenue results go as follows.

1. “The Hobbit” ($45 million)  -Film will easily repeat as the weekend’s top movie and will also passthe $150 million domestic mark in only its second week. Quite impressive.

2. “Jack Reacher” ($14 million)  -Tom Cruise suffered considerable damage as a box office draw when “RockOf Ages” flopped earlier this year. Not expecting much better resultshere despite the film’s intriguing premise. Also, if there’s anythingpolitical in this film, look for it to drop like a rock throughout theweekend.

3. “This Is 40” ($12 million) -The Judd Apatow formula is wearing thin with audiences at this point.That, and how is this a Christmas comedy (like the film’s marketingsuggests)? Don’t expect very high results here.

4. “Monsters, Inc. 3D” ($10 million) – Film will grab what it can off much diminished 3D demand. Sadly, the whole 3D format just isn’t as strong as it used to be.

5. “Rise of the Guardians” ($7 million) – Filmjust holds a top five spot. Considering the lack of animated filmsopening over Christmas, film could grab some strong numbers during theupcoming holiday.

In other calls:

Look for Barbra Streisand’s “TheGuilt Trip” to flop with only $5 million. Despite its low screen count(800+ theaters), look for “Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away” to openrespectfully around $2.8 million.

That’s Sensei’s calls. Do you see any of the new releases opening higher?