Adam Carolla Pays Tribute to 'Late, Great Andrew Breitbart'

Adam Carolla Pays Tribute to 'Late, Great Andrew Breitbart'

Adam Carolla, the hardest working man in podcasting, usually takes some well deserved vacation time around the holidays.

That means he revisits interviews with some of the biggest stars, like Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz, who graced his podcasting studio while he rests up for a new year of comical rants.

Yesterday, Carolla re-released his interview with Breitbart News founder Andrew Breitbart, along with a special new tribute to the late New Media pioneer.

“I liked the guy because he was no bullshit and all business,” Carolla says during his introduction to the tribute podcast. “I went out to dinner and a movie with the guy and thought he was a super cool guy, a family guy.”

The one-on-one interview can now be heard at the show’s Web site or via iTunes. The two discuss starting their respective media empires, bicker over the merits of John Waters’ film canon and agree on Communism’s history of utter failure.

The podcast wraps with the show’s news coverage of Andrew’s death and the podcaster’s impromptu toast to his New Media ally.

“He was the fucking nicest guy in the world,” Carolla said at the time. “He was a good soul with a bright spirit.”