Jon Stewart Slams GOP Over Hurricane Sandy Legislation Delays

Jon Stewart Slams GOP Over Hurricane Sandy Legislation Delays

“The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart returned from his holiday break last night, and he wasted little time doing what he does best – trashing the GOP with manipulated facts.

Stewart blasted Republicans for voting against Hurricane Sandy relief funding in his inimitable, faux outrage fashion.

“This is a simple, down the middle, black and white, cut and dry, warm cup of what would Jesus or any other human being that isn’t an asshole do, and you and you blew it … what did the eastern seaboard ever do to you?” he moaned during last night’s telecast.

The host went on to trash the GOP’s reason for delaying the bill – there’s way too much pork in it. He then proceeded to hold the legislation in his hand, all one page worth, and say there’s not an ounce of white meat in it.

Not so fast.

The original Senate bill contained tons of pork. The House eventually split the bill into two parts after Republicans criticized the legislative bloat, and the GOP quickly approved a bill increasing FEMA’s borrowing authority to pay flood insurance claims. That bill, likely the one Stewart waved dramatically at the camera, had no pork in it.

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