Critics Accuse NBC's 'Parenthood' of Serving Up Pro-Abortion Propaganda

Critics Accuse NBC's 'Parenthood' of Serving Up Pro-Abortion Propaganda

This week’s episode of NBC’s “Parenthood” amounted to little more than an unpaid advertisement for Planned Parenthood according to social critics.

The episode featured the characters Amy and Drew grappling with Amy’s pregnancy. The character decides to have an abortion against the wishes of the father.

“We get another pro-abortion piece where even the young father, who wants to keep the baby, never refers to the child as anything other than ‘it.’ The friendly, antiseptic Planned Parenthood office gets a co-starring role minus all the controversies that plague its baby-killing operation in real life,” [Dan Gainor, who runs the Culture and Media Institute] said.

“There’s no discussion of life, of faith or any of the true arguments not to take the innocent baby’s life,” Gainor continued. “All in all, exactly how Hollywood has twisted every major national issue for decades.”

Television shows have been tackling the abortion issue for decades, from the main character in “Maude” terminating a pregnancy back in 1972 to a 2010 episode of “Friday Night Lights” in which Madison Burge’s character has an abortion.

The 2007 comedy “Knocked Up” took heat from liberals for daring to show a couple deciding to keep, rather than abort, a baby.