'Saving Lincoln' Needs You … to Tell Another Side of a Great President's Story

'Saving Lincoln' Needs You … to Tell Another Side of a Great President's Story

When director Steven Spielberg set out to make “Lincoln,” he had plenty of financial support to tell his tale.

The folks behind “Saving Lincoln,” an independent film telling a side of the president’s life story not explored in Spielberg’s film, need your help.

“Saving Lincoln’s” Kickstarter.com funding drive, which extends through Jan. 29, will help bring the film to even more theaters next month and boost its subsequent home video launch. The movie already is slated to play in Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago and Los Angeles starting Feb. 15.

Contributors will receive a variety of gifts based on donation levels, ranging from DVD copies of the film to tickets to the movie’s L.A. premiere and much more.

Writer/director Sal Litvak’s film uses a new process dubbed CineCollage which puts actors in front of backgrounds culled from historic photographs kept at the Library of Congress. It’s the story itself which should attract admirers of the 16th president.

“Saving Lincoln” is told through the perspective of the president’s trusted friend and bodyguard, Ward Hill Lamon, a fascinating figure worthy of a big screen production. Lincoln’s former law partner was the only friend the president brought with him to Washington, a wise choice given his pal’s role in helping thwart several assassination attempts.

The film stars Tom Amandes as Lincoln, Lea Coco as Lamon, Penelope Ann Miller as Mary Todd Lincoln, Creed Bratton as Senator Charles Sumner, Josh Stamberg as Salmon P. Chase, Saidah Arrika Ekulona as Elizabeth Keckly and Bruce Davison as William H. Seward.