Sundance Stars Sound Off on Gun Violence in Film

Sundance Stars Sound Off on Gun Violence in Film

AP Entertainment Writer
The Sundance Film Festival isn’t home to many shoot-em-up movies, but action-oriented actors at the festival are facing questions about Hollywood’s role in American gun violence.

Guy Pearce and Alexander Skarsgard are among those who say Hollywood shares in the blame.

Pearce is in Park City, Utah, to support the family drama “Breathe In,” but he’s pulled plenty of imaginary triggers in violent films such as “Lockdown” and “Lawless.” He says Hollywood may make guns seem “cool” to the broader culture, but there are vast variations in films’ approach to guns.

Skarsgard, who blasted away aliens in “Battleship,” says he agrees that Hollywood has some responsibility for how it depicts violence on-screen.

Ellen Page, who co-stars with Skarsgard in “The East,” noted that gun restrictions are much more pervasive in her home country, Canada.

Skarsgard says it may be time to revisit the Second Amendment.


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