Tim Robbins Gave Money to GOP Candidates, Can't Say Why

Tim Robbins Gave Money to GOP Candidates, Can't Say Why

It must be good to be Tim Robbins.

The Oscar-winning actor, known as one of the film industry’s most vocal liberals, once gave cash to several GOP candidates including Michele Bachmann.

Yes, that Michele Bachmann, the former Presidential candidate and Tea Party favorite.

According to Federal Election Commissionrecords, Mr. Robbins donated $500 apiece to ten Republicans, including tea party stalwarts Rep. Michele Bachmann and J.D. Hayworth, who mounted a primary challenge to longtime incumbent John McCain for the Arizona GOP Senate nomination in 2010.

When asked why, Robbins hemmed, hawed and harumphed in a comical fashion that didn’t really provide an answer.

“Honestly, I don’t remember doing that,” he said with a grin as the crowd nervously laughed. “I think my accountant brought the checks to me and handed me the check, and I wondered how it could have happened, and what had I done.”

Later in the public chat, conducted with liberal podcaster Marc Maron, Robbins switched gears to talk about the destructive Left/Right divide and what it means to the country.

“The sooner we realize we have something in common, that we can talk to these people and have a laugh, the sooner we’ll be able to make a change,” he said.

Sure would be nice for Robbins to pipe up when some of his Hollywood colleagues demean conservatives in ways that only intensify the divide he claims to hate. And does Robbins have anything to say about the current president, a politician who fans the flames of division with alacrity?

Apparently not.

One thing is clear. Robbins has enough cash in the bank both to write checks for causes he believes in and for performance art shtick.